Standard Photo Sizes Guide

Currently, less than 30% of photographers still print their images. The majority of them edit their images before posting them on social media. We’ll examine the standard photo sizes for printing photographs in this post.

Choosing the appropriate print size might thus be challenging if you are not used to printing. I’ll go through the standard print sizes in this section. That will assist you in picking the appropriate size the next time you print.

Standard Photo Sizes

2R2.5 x 3.56.35 x 8.89635 x 889
3R3.5 x 58.89 x 12.7889 x 127
4R4 x 610.2 x 15.2102 x 152
5R5 x 712.7 x 17.8127 x 178
6R6 x 815.2 x 20.3152 x 203
8R8 x 1020.3 x 25.4203 x 254
10R10 x 1225.4 x 30.5254 x 305
Standard Photo Sizes

6×4 size

The majority of DSLR cameras and digital cameras take pictures with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Hence, you may print images in tiny sizes using the 6 x 4-inch size. Several professional and amateur photographers use it as their usual picture size. Here, there is no need to crop the picture.

Every picture print size is specified in “inches.”

You may choose landscape orientation if you took the photo horizontally. A picture that was taken vertically may be selected to be in a vertical orientation. So, the decision to capture a portrait or a landscape should be made by the photographer. The picture will be a 46 photo if it is vertically oriented.

This is the suggested size if you wish to send prints to your friends or family in the manner of a postcard.

7×5 size

The most popular medium-size print is that one. The majority of wedding and portrait photographers exchange 7-by-5-inch picture prints (7 inches x 5 inches). As this is a typical size, finding a matching picture frame won’t be difficult. To make the picture fit the print size, you will need to crop it in the 7X5 ratio.

10×8 size

There are a lot of Instagram photographers. So, they would crop their final picture to a 1:1 square or a 54 size.

These photographers who wish to publish their images are primarily the target audience for the 108 sizes. This size is available in a variety of picture frames. This format size is truly a conventional one and is ideal for fine art prints.

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A4 size

The standard paper size, which is 11 by 8.5 inches, is A4. You may also print your photographs in 128 sizes by stretching them to suit an A4 page without cropping them to change the aspect ratio. As a result, you may keep the 2:3 aspect ratio. You must trim the edges that are blank.

A3 Size

The A3 paper size is 16.5 x 11.7. It is a typical picture print size that is accessible. By trimming the corners after printing to eliminate the white space, you can even fit a 1612 size into an A3 sheet of paper.

Ultra Large Size

Ultra Huge may be applied to any size greater than the 1612 size. These picture print sizes are suitable for display and commerce. Some of the most often used Ultra large print sizes include 24×16, 30×20, and 3624.

Due to the fact that these prints are not standard sizes, you must create unique picture frames.

A series of International Paper Sizes

Paper sizeInchesCMMM
A123.4 x 33.159.4 x 84.1594 x 841
A216.5 x 23.442.0 x 59.4420 x 594
A311.7 x 16.529.7 x 42.0297 x 420
A48.3 x 11.721.0 x 29.7210 x 297
A55.8 x 8.314.8 x 21.0148 x 210
A64.1 x 5.810.5 x 14.8105 x 148
A72.9 x 4.17.4 x 10.574 x 105
A82 x 2.95.2 x 7.452 x 74
A91.5 x 2.03.7 x 5.237 x 52
A101.0 x 1.52.6 x 3.726 x 37
A series of International Paper Sizes

Shooting for Prints

You should keep it in mind while taking pictures if you want to publish them. When you shoot in RAW format, you have the freedom to change the picture resolution to fit the size of the print.

If you want to crop your photographs to fit the size of prints, you need to leave some room while assembling the photo to allow for this crop.

While preparing images for printing, you must exercise sufficient caution. Please verify that you have the proper Lightroom export settings for print if you are using Adobe Lightroom for processing.

Always run a print preview at the desired print size on your computer display. It will provide a preview of the final print’s appearance. To acquire accurate colors and details, color calibrate your post-processing display.

To make sure you are obtaining the proper colors, tone, and contrast before printing the final prints, make a tiny sample print using the same printer.

As we are all aware, newer digital cameras have more Megapixels, making it simple to crop a picture to any size without sacrificing any quality.

You should always print your images as large as you can. It will allow you to experience what you have really recorded.


What is the size of a standard photo?

The size of a standard photo is 4R or 4 inches by 6 inches which is neither too short nor too large. At that size, a wide variety of frames are available. The photo print’s 2 by 3 aspect ratio is appropriate for pictures shot with the vast majority of digital cameras and cell phone cameras.

What is the image size of the photo?

The term “image size” often refers to a picture’s pixel dimensions, commonly referred to as the image’s resolution. The majority of the time, you can find it by right-clicking the picture and selecting “Properties” on Windows or “Get Info” on Mac.

What are the photo sizes in cm?

2.54 cm equals 1 inch. We have translated the common photography sizes from inches to centimeters in the table above.

What is a wallet-size photo?

Around 2.5″ x 3.5″ is the size of a wallet-sized picture. The size of a 2R print is that. Comparable in size to a credit card.


Now that you are aware of the typical picture sizes, you can select the best ones for printing, composition, and online posting.

While navigating the murky seas of photo sizes might be challenging, you should find it much simpler now that you have this guide in hand!